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How to be a confident person?

The confident people was on the stage, singing, speech, drama, dance which all of them will make everyone mystery. What power can make him (she) so confident?
Len Keller once said: “Faith is the master of fate.” And growth requires more support from confidence.
In 1972, our well-known US President Nixon was reelected for re-election. Because of his great achievements during his first term, many people think he will win the

election. However, Nixon himself was very unconfident and extremely worried about the failure. 
The ghosts sent people to sneak into the opponent’s office to install the bugs. After the incident,Nixon repeatedly shirked responsibility, 

blocked the  investigation, and was forced to resign shortly after the election victory. Nixon, who had already been a winner, was defeated by lack of self-confidence.           Even big people like Nixon have ruined their political future because of lack of self-confidence. From this we can easily see that self-confidence is a very important thing in the 
journey of life!
As a girl,we should dress up beautifully. The question is coming. How can we dress up beautifully? Here are some of my suggestions:
1. Learn to make light makeup

2. Wearinng the bling clothing

3. Wearing the shinning bag

 4. Wearing the bling high heel

5. Wearing the shinning cheer bow strips on your hair

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