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How to prevent breast cancer

Every October is the anniversary of breast cancer awareness in all countries of the world. According to Globocan, there are about 1.38 million new cases of breast cancer and 458,000 deaths each year. Effective prevention of breast cancer is very important. I want to share 3 prevention methods.

1.Eat healthy food

Many people like to eat fast food such as burgers and fried chicken. These are high-fat foods, and the oil used by many merchants is repeatedly used, and the meat is easily deteriorated. So eating too much of these foods is extremely harmful to the body.

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2.More exercise

Related studies show that the average weekly exercise rate of 4 hours, breast cancer reduction rate will be reduced by 60%. Moderate exercise can enhance human immunity and improve disease resistance.

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3.Drink less coffee and wine

Drinking alcohol is much more harmful to women than men. Drinking 1 cup or more per day, the risk of breast cancer is 45% higher than that of those who drink less. Coffee contains a lot of jaundice, and excessive intake will greatly increase the prevalence of breast cancer.

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Breast cancer is not terrible, as long as we have a healthy lifestyle, we can effectively prevent it. At the same time, We should always remind our friends to do preventive work and encourage people to fight bravely with breast cancer. We can wear clothes with pink ribbons to remind ourselves and others.


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